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Surviving holiday travel and airport scanners

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HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - From the congested roadways to the clogged airports and airways, millions of people are trying to get home for the holidays.

And a whole bunch of them found their way through CVG all day long. Even as late at 10pm, there were at least 11 more flights due in, before the busiest travel day of the year winds down.

But not after a day filled with patience-testing tasks, getting through airport security.

"I'm fine with it as long as I get there safely," one woman said."And get back safely, do whatever you have to do."

And that's how many people faced getting the dreaded pat-down or in some cases a full body scan.

It's just a fact of life in today's travel.

"The issue of security has been largely overstated and it's creating a tremendous inconvenience," said one passenger in from New York City.

It is inconvenient and time-stealing.

"It's kind of expected," another passenger said. "We're just going do our thing, have a good time, have a good holiday."

"I'm for the security," another passenger told us. "I'd rather have more security than not enough and make sure that everyone's safe and we get where we need to be."

"New York, it was like very busy, very busy," said one man, on his way to Dayton, after flying into CVG, where lines backed-up for a time. New York's busy La Guardia Airport had folks in and out in no time.

"I got through security like a dream," Annie Abram said. "No problems whatsoever, I'm sure that they just said, we can't deal with all these complaining and just didn't do the screening."

"I think the kids are a little anxious about it," said Stacey Fisher who had her whole brood with her. "They were telling me what to wear and not wear this morning."

For Fisher and her family, it was all about what not to wear, or some folks like a man we saw with his shoes tied to his backpack, shed their shoes long before getting in line.

"We checked in online," Fisher said. "We have carry-on bags, try to minimize all our wait time."

For some kids like a 10-year- old named Andrew, today's flight came complete with the full-Monty body scan.

"It was pretty good," he said. "I just didn't like taking off all my stuff, like my shoes, my belts, jackets."

So, the trick to holiday travel or any time now, is to carry less, wear less and hopefully spend less time getting through security. So you have more time for the good times this Thanksgiving, like the servicemen we saw hugging their children and wives on the escalators. Good times, long overdue.

The last 11 flights out of CVG should be on the ground by 11pm Wednesday night. Sunday night, we're told, will be a complete madhouse, as folks scramble to get back to wherever they came in from. 

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