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Black Thursday shopping on Thanksgiving!

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FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - A lot of sloppy weather and slow-going for people who decided to get their shopping groove on, hours before the official start of, "Black Friday".

Places like the Cincinnati Outlets in Monroe opened their doors at 10pm Thanksgiving night. At Toys R Us in Florence, traffic was backed-up all the way to I-71, as people clamored to get a good parking spot when the doors opened at 10pm.

Forget ,"Black Friday", some people said. More and more retailers opened-up on a soggy Thanksgiving day, hoping to grab those holiday dollars early.

Despite big puddles of rain ponding in the parking lot at the Wal-Mart in Florence, that did not deter anyone. Inside the electronics department, folks lined the aisles in lawn chairs waiting for deals to be had by 5pm.

Spoiler alert, our cameras were not allowed inside, but cameras, electronics, TV's and toys top the early list of hot buys.

You can get coupons delivered to your smart phones in most cases and plenty of door busters for the brave who line up early.

"It's very wet but it'll be worth it," said Judy Bolser, who planned to come back for her shopping attack.

"12 midnight," she said. Are you going to camp out?, we asked. "No," she laughed. "If you don't come early, you won't get a parking spot I believe, this place is going to be crowded."

"Not me, no," said Mark Mamari, who is no fan of camping in line.

"I used to," he said. But the savvy shopper is already finished.

"I've done it online this time."

Shoppers, like a woman we saw walking in pouring rain with the aid of a walker, are intrepid. And like the greeter we saw in the entryway to the Wal-Mart, with mop in hand, they hope to really clean-up.

"I gotta get a TV," said Polly Rose, who was on a mission.

"Get here early!," she laughed and bring an umbrella.

"And don't wear long pants," she said. "Just wear something that'll take the rain."

Christy Longano will not be among the crazies shopping.

"Noooo," she joked. "You're not crazy like that?, we asked. "No, we're here because my son wants to make donuts."

So we asked her the obvious again, was she not crazy after cooking a huge meal?

"We're here because my son wants to make donuts," she laughed. "After 4 pies, numerous cookies, we have to have donuts yes."

Clearly, she was not crazy, just a devoted mother.

"Well I got eggs, I got yeast. I got bacon, milk," she said. "Have to have the beer because I have to get through the donuts," she joked.

Check the beast of a black and orange bus appropriately called, The Bengals Bus, we found parked in front of Best Buy. It was an old school bus and inside, four best buds, beer and deep-fried turkey.

"So are you guys just gonna crash here then roll into the store? Yeah, that's pretty much how it works," laughed Thomas York.

Inside were couches, TV's heaters. It is the ultimate ,"Black Friday", excursion.

"This is the 5th year that I've done this and I know the general manager," said bus owner, Adam Bessler. "He's a cool guy, he came out and he actually told me we were late when we got here yesterday at 1 o'clock in the afternoon."

Those guys camping out in that Bengals bus, had been there more than 24 hours. Best Buy opens at 5am Friday. Many stores that were open briefly Thursday afternoon, were re-opening at Midnight. 

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