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Police explore home of man accused of keeping woman in closet, raping her

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - The secret world of William Manis behind the doors of his seemingly quaint home on Campbell Avenue is beginning to slowly unravel.

Search warrants detail what Hamilton Police found after Manis was arrested on 18 counts of rape and one count of kidnapping. Items included a pocket knife, a hammer, and an Aryan Nation uniform. Police also found blood stained carpet, a white bra and a white rope.

"We've diligently done our part in terms of doing the forensics, to show that the suspect and the victims were together in the house as the victim has related to us," said Hamilton Police Chief Neil Ferdelman.

The 22-year-old victim, who admits to a life of drugs and prostitution, told FOX19 she was held and raped almost every day she was held captive in a closet in Manis' home before jumping from a second floor window and running to a neighbor for help.

She says Manis constantly talked about his plan and thought that he was helping her.

"Getting his car fixed and taking me out of state with him, he wanted to keep me forever so he could teach me the way he wanted me to be," she said. "He said that I haven't even begun to live my life."

Chief Ferdelman says the FBI has investigated Manis' links to the Aryan Nation but are not involved in any investigation.

Police say Manis was charged with kidnapping and rape once before in 1992.

"It's one that we take very cautiously because we want to do everything right that we can in the case because it is a very serious crime," said Ferdelman.

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