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More bronze vases reported stolen

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There's something wrong the graves at St. Joseph Cemetery. The bronze vase is missing from the headstone, and there are hundreds of graves like this.

"We've had incidents where we know that the vase has been taken during the day. We know that there were flowers in that vase at 10:30 this morning and you ride by at noon and the vase is gone and the flowers are down in the canister in the ground," says Dan Clark.

He can empathize with his brethren in Northern Kentucky. His cemetery has been fighting off thieves for about six weeks now. Bronze has been stolen from St. Joseph and sometimes in the most unlikely places.

 "We've had vases stolen from the baby garden. I mean, would consider, that just, that hurts," says Clark.

A short drive away, at another St. Joseph Cemetery in Cincinnati, there's the same problem.

Cemetery officials said they're working to stop this. Both cemeteries are working with Cincinnati Police's District Three. Dan Clark's undertaken the task of putting together a master list of who's been hit at his cemetery.

"For folks who do have bronze vases, put them down flush with the ground. Do not leave them upright. Those seem to be the vases that are being taken most often--the ones that are upright and with decorations," he says.

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