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Advocates worry about homeless during record cold temps

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)--Josh Spring says he knows what this is as he points to group of boxes and rags in a door frame in Over the Rhine. He say it's an attempt by someone to stay warm. He says too many Cincinnati families are doing the same thing right now.

"We're in a new era of homelessness so we've got to do something about it," says Spring.

Josh says don't be fooled. Over the Rhine might have looked vacant and desolate as the snow rolled in, but that it  doesn't meant people here didn't need shelter.

He says all you have to do is look underneath the surface and you'll find many who need help.

"Nights like tonight are especially scary because not only is it cold, it's wet. And we know when people are cold and wet, that hypothermia sets in, frostbite and death," says Spring.

Just like it has in the past, the city of Cincinnati's operated an emergency shelter for those who don't have anywhere else to go.

Josh says the last time it was open, it helped 115 people.  And he says, the shelter needs help from you.

"Our outreach workers are out five days a week and they find people everywhere. We have had people outside for years but it is getting out of hand," says Spring.

Josh says the shelter desperately needs blankets, money, and volunteers.

"The cold shelter only opens when it's 9 degrees and lower outside with wind chill. So most nights of winter, this shelter is not open and these people sleep outside," says Spring.

But with this kind of weather by mid December, Josh predicts that this winter will bring a record number of people to the shelter's doors.

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