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Snow causes delays at airports across Midwest, Southeast

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HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - The snowy blast hitting the Tri-State is already causing major back-ups at airports throughout the South.

And for local travelers, that means big-time delays, starting right now. The staff at CVG is prepared for a morning full of headaches.

CVG put their "snow plan" in effect Thursday morning. Two primary north/south runways are open, and the snow team has been clearing snow through the night and the morning.

CVG spokeswoman Barb Schempf says airlines are experiencing minor delays and cancellations due to the weather here, in the Midwest and in the Southeast.

Airport officials recommend checking with your airline before you even think of leaving the house.

The travel aches actually started earlier on Wednesday, when snow and mostly ice began impacting travel at major hubs like, in Atlanta. Many airports feed into CVG, and there were many delays Wednesday and travelers will be waking-up to bigger travel troubles come Thursday morning.

Temperatures have been in the 20's for most of the southern United States.

Outside, workers on the airports airstrips have been battling the brutal cold weather.

"I drink a lot of coffee," said Vaughn Moody, an Airtran Airways Ramp Agent. "I try to go inside the building between flights."

Baggage handlers at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta talked about what they do to keep warm while working.

"Oh, I put on several layers of clothes," said Monica Adams, who is also a Ramp Agent for Airtran Airways. "I have on 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and 3 jackets, my gloves and my scarf and 2 hats." Adams said she is warm, at least, until the wind blows.

The average December temperature in Atlanta is in the mid-50's.

And it is not just people trying to get where they need to be. What about those gifts and packages that also get stuck in the system.

This Friday, December 17th, Fed Ex said, is the deadline for shipping gifts by ground with guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

Delta has already canceled flights from Atlanta and some of it's other major hubs.

There are delays up and down the Eastern Seaboard, as snow and ice keep planes grounded.

At CVG, clearing the ramp of snow is equivalent to clearing 211 football fields! The airlines at CVG are responsible for de-icing the aircrafts.

And, sweeping just one runway, is equivalent to clearing 12 interstate lanes for approximately 2 miles.

During a snow event, CVG closes the Western North-South runway and clears the two primary remaining North-South runways.

And depending on the amount of snow and wind we get, CVG will clear the secondary East-West runway when needed.

CVG recommends checking with your airline before you even think of leaving the house in the morning.

There will be delays airport-wide, no matter which carrier you're flying.

CVG's Snow Team includes representatives from the Airport, Airlines, Airport Tenants and the Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control Tower.  The Snow Team works together to ensure CVG continues to operate safely and efficiently during winter weather events.  The team spends hundreds of hours preparing for snow events including equipment maintenance, material ordering, mock drills, and re-current training.  CVG dedicates more than 80 airport professionals to snow operations to keep CVG's runways, roadways and ramps clear for passengers and airport partners.  

Clearing the ramp of snow at CVG is equivalent to clearing 211 football fields. Sweeping one runway is equivalent to clearing 12 interstate lanes for approximately 2 miles. Airlines at CVG are responsible for the deicing of aircraft. Airport personnel at CVG are responsible for clearing snow from the runways, taxiways, ramp areas and roadways

Click below to go directly to the airport's website to find-out all the current delays and cancellations:

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