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Hitting the slopes at Perfect North on a snowy day

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LAWRENCEBURG, IN (FOX19) - Despite the snow-covered neighborhoods, many people did find a way to escape and hit the freshly-snowy slopes at Perfect North in Lawrenceburg, IN. With school canceled all-around, the slopes were slammed Thursday.

A few inches of fresh snow on-top of their manmade stuff, made for a perfect day at the Perfect North slopes.

There was steady traffic at the lift and on the ground, Julianne Wagner of Loveland, OH, brought her BFF Taylor Lowenstein. This was Taylor's first time on skis.

"Are you nervous?," we asked. "Yep," she giggled.

"So what are you going to do when you get to the top?," we asked. "I have no idea," she shrugged her shoulders.

"What's the trick to getting up these hills fast?," we asked Wagner who was already well-ahead of her friend in getting-up the hill. "well," Wagner said. "All I do is push one foot in front of the other and just keep going."

She looked back and giggled at her friend who was not moving. This was going to be a long trip for Taylor.

"It's kinda slow," said young Brian Newton. He and several of his best buds from Dearborn County were glad for the day off of school and for some extended time on the slopes.

"Did you have any major wipeouts?," we asked Justin Schoenefeld. "Yeah, I had one," he said. "I switched my friend snowboarding and caught an edge and landed on my head."

He said he's thankful the new snow was soft and he's ok.

"Probably like five," said Clint Mirus, who was getting ready to go back up to the top of the slopes. He and his friends have gone down the steep runs several times.

Some of the skiers we spoke with likened the heavy wet snow to skiing in mashed potatoes. In a word they said, slow!

"The manmade snow is a lot more hard-packed so it's a lot faster and more icy and a lot of people like that better," said Ryan Meyung of Brookville, IN.

Snowboard instructors and all-around dudes Meyung and his buddy Michael Short of Oakley, OH, showed us how it's done, with some fancy board moves and a form of "walking" by stepping right and left with both feet locked-in. Would you call this *board walking*?

Meyung fell down trying a stunt. The occasional spill even for the best of them.

"Almost snapped my board!," he said.

"What's it take to come down the hill without breaking your neck?," we asked. "A little bit of athletic ability, and to stay on your board, you have to have a little bit of balance, know what you're doing," Meyung said.

"yep," said Short. "It's like anything else, good balance, a little bit of coordination and guts to break your butt a couple times."

"Oh yeah," Meyung laughed. He said this real snow is stickier and tends to slow you down.

"Yep just like a surfboard," Short said. "We got a hot wax shop, you can get it done below the rental shop and that gives us our smooth surface, reduce friction as much as possible in the snow."

Skiing at Perfect North wraps-up by 9:30pm most nights, but on Saturday nights, you can ski til late, 1:30am. 

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