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Norwood neighbors brave the snow

 By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19)  - It was a snow blowing, sidewalk shoveling, wheels skidding kind of day.

"I'm ready to head to Florida," said Norwood resident Ron Hockney. "I hope I don't see any {snow} in a long, long while!"

Hockney braved the roads Thursday morning to volunteer at a hospital.

"It was real rough," Hockney said. "Slipping and a sliding. Going about 15 miles an hour."

And that was on the main roads.

By late afternoon, Rev. Steven Kostoff told FOX19 he still hadn't seen a plow come through his neck of the neighborhood, but he's keeping the faith.

"I'm hoping they get the street plowed pretty soon," said Rev. Kostoff. "But whatever it takes to dig the car out, we have to do it and just keep moving and enjoy the weather while we're doing it."

Many had the day off. For those who just had to get outside, it was all about having the right tools.

"We had to park on the streets so my wife and I are teachers so we get the day off, but I still had to dig my way out," said Jeff Brickler. "Both of us so we can get out tomorrow because I'm sure we'll be back to school tomorrow."

Hours later, some of the side streets, like South Jefferson in Norwood, still needed some help.

"Yeah, it's pretty much always like this," said Gordon Williams. "This is one of the last streets on this side to get hit when it comes to a slow plow."

Williams calls his street one of the "forgotten ones."

"This is not too bad," said Williams. "This is an easy Winter right now. You get a lot of heavy snow in here and it becomes a pain in the butt to try to get in and out, but you learn to deal with it."

And if having patience isn't your thing, Williams has another solution.

"Getting home, closing the door, and I won't tell you how bad I cuss when nobody's around," said Williams.


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