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Cincinnati zoo introduces rare primate

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Zoo has a new addition.

The zoo introduced a baby potto on Wednesday. The potto was born Dec. 8 to his 10-year-old mother, Lucy, and nine-year-old father, Jabari.

At this time, the baby is too young to sex, so a name has not yet been chosen.

The Cincinnati Zoo now has eight of the 16 pottos that currently reside in the United States. Pottos are considered rare in captivity mostly because they come from dense forest in West and Central Africa, are nocturnal and usually solitary so they are not captured very often. Currently, only three U.S. zoos have pottos - Cincinnati, New England and Cleveland.

Pottos are small primates, called prosimians. Typically thought to be more primitive than other primates, prosimians tend to be small and nocturnal. Using clamp-shaped hands and feet, with opposable thumbs and big toes, the potto climbs slowly and carefully through the rainforest canopy, and rarely comes down from the trees.

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