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Nashville burn victim makes miracle strides at Shriners

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Shriners Hospital For Children in Cincinnati is celebrating this miracle child.  Dylan Snider, 6, was severely burned but is now back on the road to a normal life after a mind-boggling set of surgeries and skin grafting procedures.

"He went from almost dead to being in a parade last weekend," said Shriner Tim Mason from Nashville. "I called Dylan our 2009 Christmas miracle."

He did get to spend Christmas at home with his brothers in Nashville. But this 6-year-old boy wonder has beaten the odds.

His mom said Dylan tried to re-start a bonfire the family had going the night before and that the gas can blew-up, burning 60-percent of his body.

What doctors did for him at Shriners since last December 31, when he first came to Cincinnati from a Nashville hospital, is nothing short of miraculous.

"I tell him every day, 'you're tough,'" said his mom, Diana Trevino. "'I don't know anybody else who could do all you do.'"

Doctors recently replaced skin under Dylan's chin.

"So, it requires him to have to lay off the mattress to get that good stretch," Trevino said pointing to how Dylan was forced to lay with his head tilted back, while the new skin under his chin and neck heals.

"He's on medication right now, you can see he's just snoozin', thank God because he's not one to lay still," said Trevino.

Dylan is full of energy and has needed every ounce to recover from burns that stretch from his upper thighs to the middle of the back of his head.

"I know God's had his hand on him from day one," Trevino said. "He's got plans for Dylan and we honestly believe that and that's part of it, right here."

Dylan is the baby of three boys.

"This is Dylan's donor site where they took skin to put on his neck," said Trevino, pointing to a large bandage covering his thigh. That are on his leg will take approximately 10 to 14 days to heal.

Trevino folded-back his blanket to reveal how pristine his legs look, even after doctors have gone back there several times to get new skin grafts. You'd almost not know at first glance, that there had ever been any surgery or skin grafts done on his legs.

"They've taken skin from the front and back or both legs every time that they covered him and it heals," Trevino said. "I mean, he's healing nicely, so he doesn't really have any scars."

He is also missing most of his intestines.

"That added a much higher level of complexity to his care," said Shriners Chief of Staff, Dr. Richard Kagan. "But quite frankly, when I first saw this child, I still thought we had a pretty good chance of saving him."

Kagan said Dylan is growing and is healthy, despite a compromised immune system.

"He's a child in essentially skin clothing and because of the scars his skin isn't going to grow with him as our skin has grown with us," Kagan said. "So it's likely he'll need more procedures based on growth."

"He was very grave, in very grave condition at the time when we received him into our care," said Shriner volunteer Tim Mason, who is one of the many volunteers who has driven Dylan and his family from Nashville to Cincinnati for treatment.

"I called Dylan our 2009 Christmas miracle," he said. "Because God put him in the hands of the greatest pediatric burn center in the world."

"You tired Bub?" Trevino asked her son as he drowsily was coming off some strong pain meds post-surgery. "Uh huh," he nodded to her. It's tough to talk in such a distended position for five days.

"He prays and knows that people are praying for him so that's what gets us through," Trevino said.

Dylan and his mom will make plenty of trips back to Cincinnati, as he grows, and as his skin needs to be adjusted to fit his bones.

Doctors believe his outlook is good and aside from his burn issues, he will be waiting for word from Children's Hospital, about getting a bowel transplant, that he so desperately needs, within the next year. 

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