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Shirts and underwear keep you from exposing your body to TSA scans

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ERLANGER, KY (FOX19) - They are garments that may revolutionize the way people travel. Underwear which lets the TSA do its job, without exposing your body to the entire world.

The inventor is Marc Carey, an Owen County native and Erlanger attorney. If you can remember "Underoos," it was tagged as, "the underwear that's fun to wear."

If you've ever felt like you're inadvertently giving a little 'too much information' to those invasive TSA scanners, you're in luck. Carey says the undergarments protect your private parts, and are also fun and easy to wear.

"We don't want people taking pictures of us with our clothes off and they're some travelers who are very sensitive to that," Carey said of his line of privacy underwear, for the traveler who doesn't want to give out T.M.I.

"A t-shirt for women," he said as he held up the tailored t-shirt. "We also offer a t-shirt for children, it has a little smiley face on it." The smiley face is designed to be tucked-in to a child's pant, so that it covers-up the child's private areas.

The clothes are designed to not disrupt the TSA's screening process.

"Nobody knows you're wearing them," Carey said. "They're not protest garments, they're designed to be a reasonable compromise for travelers to allow the TSA to do their job, but allow people to travel without a great deal of inconvenience and preserve their dignity."

The scanner shirts bottoms come in two, different styles, boxer briefs with the well-placed "USA" and star for men. And for women, the words "all rights reserved" appear over the crotch in the bikini model.

"Boxer briefs and pants for ladies," Carey said. "All-cotton garments and 100-percent American made."

His goal was to make something functional, yet attractive to wear.

"By the same token, we're making it very clear we're reserving all of our rights as Americans when we travel," Carey said. "We don't give those up and we've designed the shirt with an emblem and a couple of other symbols, two stars, that are placed in a way that we think is going to protect the dignity of female travelers."

"Anything that appears to be an anomaly will require additional screening, which could include a pat-down," said Jim Fotenos with the TSA.

"We tested a number of different inks," Carey said. His secret lies in the ink of the transfer placed on the garments.

"We found one that we think provides a blurred image over that part of the body that the TSA says they're not going to search anyhow," he said.

The underwear will not hide body piercings.

"More likely than not it's going to show on a scanner because it has a different density," Carey said.

"We've had some people that have traveled over the last couple of weekends and they didn't have a single problem at all so, it looks like it's being very well received," he said.

Carey did not specify amounts, but said orders have far exceeded their initial expectations. Monday afternoon his website had more than a thousand hits in 30 minutes.

Click below to read more information sent to us from Jim Fotenos with the TSA. It's about a similar product on the market, only sold as separate body part "shields". He told us he thought the WSJ traveler blogger characterized it fairly well.

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