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School bus manager allows 6-year-old to walk home alone from school

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

WARSAW, KY (FOX19)  - A Northern Kentucky mom wants answers after her kindergartner is allowed to walk off an overcrowded school bus and walk home by himself without any supervision.

"There wasn't enough room for me so I walked home," said Brennan Wilson, 6. "But I wasn't scared."

Brennan is a brave little man.

He walked home from school by himself on Wednesday for the first time, but his mom Ashley Wilson had no idea.

"I didn't believe him," said Ashley. "I did not believe him at all. He was saying that he did walk home, and I was like, no you didn't! Tell me where you got off the bus! And he was like, 'I walked from school, mom.'"

Gallatin County school leaders said more students than usual packed the bus in front of the Lower Elementary School in Warsaw on Wednesday. We're told the transportation director got on the bus and gave kids the option to stay on or walk home. Brennan decided to walk. A friend and his older brother who live near the Wilsons decided to walk with him.

"If it wasn't for that boy next door I doubt my son would have been home yesterday," said Ashley.

Ashley said she called school leaders on Thursday morning. She said she spoke with the transportation director and he told her the school was not that far away. FOX19 drove the route. It's about half a mile-- going through a park and near some woods.

"It is far when it's a six year old," said Ashley. "Not a far walk for us. It's literally a walk in the park, but for him. He could go over there and play or he could go through the woods or anything like that. He could have took the main road or this way. You just never know."

Gallatin County Schools Superintendent Dorothy Perkins agreed.

"As a mother, I understand how that mother felt," said Perkins.

She said several parents called about the incident.

"We have a hand in hand policy in our district, and it's not acceptable {for a six-year-old} to walk home," said Perkins. "Even though that child was in a group of three or four other children and some of them older. That's not acceptable. It won't happen again."

But if it does, Brennan said he now knows what to do.

"I won't get off the bus," Brennan said.

No action has been taken against the bus driver or transportation director. Wilson said she's okay with that decision.

"I don't wish the man gets fired," said Ashley. "I don't wish anything like that. I just wish it doesn't happen again."


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