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Tri-state prepares for snowy battle Tuesday

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - One of the area's biggest trouble spots during a snow event is at the  Cut in the Hill in Northern Kentucky. And as the snow starts falling, work details will quickly blossom into a 24-hour assignment.

The "cut" stretches from the Brent Spence Bridge to Buttermilk Pike and back. That's six miles all told times six lanes. Doing the math, that's 36 miles round-trip and it's one area that will have three trucks dedicated just to it, to keep you safe during the storm.

Cincinnati Road Crews have 24,000 tons of salt at their disposal right now, with more on the way later this week. They've spent the last few days pre-treating the roadways with beet juice and brine.

"We really focused on getting the plows installed on the equipment and just getting everything ready to go later on tonight," said Larry Whitaker with Cincinnati Public Works.

The salt dome at Camp Washington is about 95-percent full right now. Crews began filling their trucks around 7pm Monday night, preparing for the all-day battle ahead.

"The next crew comes in at 12am and just working straight through the rush hour tomorrow, trying to keep things as driveable as we can," Whitaker said.

Last Friday, Northern Kentucky road crews got caught with their "plows up", so to speak, when a quick burst of snow took everyone by surprise.

"That was supposed to be a dusting and it ended-up being a rush-hour snow storm that was a headache for everyone involved," said Nancy Wood with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 6.

Parts of I-75 and I-275 quickly became parking lots, with the road crews immobilized.

"The timing of the snow," Wood said. "Did not help out crews at all, they were not able to reach their routes."

This latest storm, while a better known commodity, will be an evolving battle.

"There's still enough salt residue left over from Friday's storm," Wood said. "So we did not have to pre-treat, the residue's already there, so that'll give us a head start."

Road crews tore through 3,800 tons of salt Friday in the Northern Kentucky District 6.

123 trucks will be on the roads District-wide, with 60 of those in Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties and three designated for just the Cut in the Hill.

"They've already put the plow blades on this afternoon," Wood said. "They're all gassed-up, they have the oil changed, they're geared and ready to go for the snow that's predicted to come tonight."

"Maybe plan to be a little late, or maybe leave a little early, just give yourself the time you need," Whitaker said. "So that you're not in a hurry when you get on the roads in the morning."

Cincinnati's 60 road crews come on around midnight. Clermont County reports they also come on around midnight with 19 crews strong.

And in Northern Kentucky, 60 crews will be on the roadways in just a matter of hours.

From the looks of things, it sounds like getting-to where you need to be early will be ok. It's the getting-home part later in the day may be full of snowy challenges. 

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