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Snow brings big business to car rental companies

ALEXANDRIA, KY (FOX19)---From his desk at BMC Auto Rental, Matt Goepper really tries to help out his customers.

But on a snow day, sometimes he can't.

The lots at all BMC locations basically looked like this one outside Matt's window. The truth was, his rental car company couldn't keep cars in stock.

"They're going out just before they're even done for the day," says Matt.

Rental demand on days like this is high. Matt had to put many callers on a waiting list.

"I've probably taken in about 50 call today at least, and on a typical, you know, its maybe 10 to 15. So we're about 5 times the amount of usual," says Matt.

Many rental car companies in Greater Cincinnati were strapped for cars. Matt says a combination of factors increased demand.

"People are breaking down, so we get the dealerships calling us right away. Then we also get the insurance companies, because customers cars have wrecked, and they need to be put back in a car. And then there's the general public, looking for a four wheel drive or a front wheel drive because their car is not going to make it to work today," says Matt.

"Matt said we got the last one yesterday so, we got in there just in time," says Nyra Hopkins.

Hopkins is one of those rental car customers who decided to get a better car ahead of the storm. She wanted her family to be safe if they needed to get out.

"The main roads weren't so bad, but if you get on the side roads like our driveway, it's pretty slippery. You're taking your chances," says Nyra.

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