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Battling the snow in Mount Adams

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There is still plenty of work to do in clearing many side streets around the city. An extra burst of snow flurries Tuesday night added a fresh, icy layer to streets that had already been cleared off.

It was a slippery situation up on Mount Adams and many hillsides throughout the city, where many folks were not able to get off the hill and get to work.

The anti-lock brakes on our FOX19 live truck got a workout just getting back up to our location at the base of Monastery Street. Once we parked, our van actually slid a few inches, until it locked into place against the curb.

Streets that had melted to a slushy consistency will most likely re-freeze by morning. And as we saw Tuesday morning, the snowfall went from pretty, to pretty scary, on highways all-over the tri-state.

Snow plows were in-motion nearly 24 hours, but even their best efforts, could not stop the inevitable slipping and sliding.

A school bus in Avondale came around the corner and struck a retaining wall. At Kellogg Avenue on the East End, a second school careened into the brush.

The driver was able to pull away. No kids were on-board in either incident and no one got hurt.

At I-275 and I-471 in Northern Kentucky, a tractor trailer jack-knifed heading westbound and tied-up traffic for hours.

On Buttermilk Pike in Crescent Springs, Ky, a man was holding a bloodied towel to his head. His car had slid and was stuck sideways on the median.

At the height of the snowstorm, it was all drivers could do but to endure it and slow down.

"I think the city does a really good job of keeping these streets clean," said Steve Stein. "So I've never had any serious problems up here."

Stein has lived up on Mount Adams for two years now. He's grateful no city workers were laid off in the wake of recent budget battles.

"Really good thing these guys still have their jobs because I think it would be a lot tougher if they didn't," Stein said.

"Well, love snow so," said Blaine Hartman, who is from the North Pole, Alaska. He was shoveling sidewalks for his professors at God's Bible School and College in Mount Adams.

"I really appreciate them and all they do for the school and so it's kind of nice to just help them out," Hartman said.

He and his buddies were out shoveling for several hours.

"It's hard but it gives you a good workout," he said.

Their arms are aching backs are sore. Everyone got their workout in Tuesday.

"It's a little crazy," said Gretchen Keen, who is weathering her first winter on Mount Adams.

"It gets really bad on the hills so, a lot of people seem to stay home for at least part of the day here," she said.

And make the most of a wintry day off.

"Mount Adams is probably the best kept secret in snowstorms," Stein said. "Everyone from the neighborhood just comes out to all the restaurants and bars and hangs out and makes the most of the weather ."

Late Tuesday, a thin, snowy layer was back on these streets and hills and until city crews can really get around to tackle some of the side streets, people need to take extra pre-caution, especially first-thing Wednesday morning.

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