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Health, personal safety at issue in East Price Hill highrise

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Health and personal safety are concerns of people living at the Senior Chateau on Grand Avenue in East Price Hill.

Residents say their apartments are not secure, and there have been several robberies. Residents describe horrible living conditions.

The complaints started with bed bugs and then it got worse. Some of the apartments have been broken into. Security door alarms on the so-called security doors do not work.

And deplorable conditions in some of the hallways, where people told us dogs are being allowed to go to the bathroom right there.

"I seen raw human feces," said one man who has a relative living there. "Garbage, the maintenance seems not to care about this is still there."

He did not want to be identified, worried his relative inside would get kicked-out for him speaking up.

"I see pets pooping in the hallways and peeing in the hallways," he said disgustedly. "Which is never cleaned-up."

The tenants pay 30-percent of whatever their gross income is. Many folks are on disability or are retired.

"Bed bugs are infested throughout this whole building," he said. "And I bought my relative over $4,000- worth of brand new stuff when he moved in here and now it's all infested, we have to get rid of all that stuff."

Gordon Bailey, president of the Resident's Council, said the facility is not bed bug free.

"But hopefully due to the Council and my efforts, it will be soon because they're at least addressing it," he said.

Bailey said he's lived there a little more than two years and is fighting for his neighbors.

"I went a year without knowing I had bed bugs in my place," he lamented.

And it's not just health issues at the Senior Chateau, there are many personal safety concerns.

"Emergency exit only," Bailey said as he pushed-open a security door and heard nothing sound. "Push here, alarm will sound, you hear the sound?"

There are major security concerns, from alarms on emergency exit doors that don't work, not even a light bulb in the socket above that door.

"But people inside can set this open and they do for people to come in," Bailey said.

Management told him, their security was "up to grade." Still, they find homeless people sleeping in the stairwells.

"They break into candy machines, steal money, they break into coke machines, they've stolen a microwave, they tried to steal a TV that was attached to the wall," he said.

Several tenants reported break-ins and one woman, whose apartment was robbed recently, was warned by management while we were there, not to speak to us.

"Security is a bad issue here," Bailey said. "Anybody can walk in here if they want to," he motioned, pointing to the front door.

Tragedy struck Christmas Eve , when a tenant had a medical emergency on an upper floor.

"There are two elevators," Bailey explained. "One's long enough to put a person in, the other's not, the only one that was working was the one that was not long enough, so they did not take him off on first visit to a hospital, and by the time they came back he was dead."

"On more than 5 occasions," the other man said. "These elevators have broken down, the one has fell from the top floor to the bottom, from the brakes giving out or they just shut-down."

We have calls out to PK Management out of Cleveland who runs the building, but had not heard back from them as of news time.

District Three Police said they get calls from there all the time, but that the concerns internally are out of their jurisdiction.

We are also waiting back for word from the Health Department. They're looking to see how many, if any, code violations have been brought against the Senior Chateau. We'll of course, keep you posted on anything that develops as soon as we hear back from them. 

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