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Miami, other universities try co-ed dorm rooms

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - Girls crashing with guys in college dorm rooms?

"I think it would be a little weird, like changing," said Miami University Freshman Mia Anton.
Even students say shacking up with the opposite sex in the dorms just isn't something they could get used to.
"I wouldn't prefer it, I feel like I wouldn't get any work done, and it would just be a distraction," said Miami University Freshman Joseph Conner.
But gender neutral housing trend isn't as taboo as you might think. Administrators at Ohio University say they will experiment with male/female roommates for one year, and Miami University just implemented the program this school year.
"Students are saying that they're adults, and they would like to be able to choose to live with the people with whom they want to live, and this is the recognition that sex segregated living may not be the best option for all students," said GLBTQ Services Coordinator Demere Woolway.
Woolway says the  gender neutral housing isn't intended for romantic couples, but rather students who may better identify with and relate to members of the opposite sex.
"It might be a good option for a gay man who's more comfortable living with heterosexual women, it might be a good option for a transgender student who's more comfortable living with somebody with whom they share a gender identity, rather than a legal sex"
While the ladies are hesitant on the idea, the guys, of course, say they could get used to it.
"If she was cute, I wouldn't mind," said Miami University Freshman Darius Hambrick.
Miami officials say only about seven people are currently utilizing the gender neutral housing. Students have to be at least a sophomore and meet with the housing staff to move forward with the program.

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