Three military police officers come home

HEBRON, Kentucky (FOX19) - Three military police officers were able to come home Thursday to their families after over a year away from home.

The officers had spent 18 hours on a flight and say that they are glad to be with their families.

"I saw the flag being held out and my mom tearing up as I came over to give her a hug," said Private First Class Edward Clark, one of the officers who came home.

Private Clark said that this homecoming has been a long time coming since he was deployed to Afghanistan in March of last year.

"I haven't seen my family in over a year so its nice to come home and see them," said Private Clark.

Clark's sister Rani said that she had been in contact with her brother during his deployment.

"Yeah, we spoke a couple of times and Facebook back and forth but this is ... You can't describe the excitement," said Rani.

Specialist Ernest Moody was also on the flight and says he is happy to be home and can't wait to get some food.

"Me, my dad and my step-mom are going to Chili Time.. So, that place is the best place around," said Specialist Moody.

A total of three military police officers came home Thursday.

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