Pot a growing problem in Butler County

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - West Chester Police arrested two men for growing more than 200 pot plants inside their West Chester home. Its the fourth major pot bust in the county over the last three months and even Sheriff Richard Jones is surprised at the large amounts of marijuana being found in his county.

"I've been doing this type of work in law enforcement for over 34 years and I have never seen this large amounts of marijuana," Jones said.

In October, there were two major pot busts within one week of each other, equaling more than 500 pounds of marijuana.

Then in November, two men were arrested for growing more than 1,000 pot plants inside their Liberty Township home.

Now the most recent major bust in West Chester, where Kevin C. Cook and Anthony Kerylux were arrested for growing nearly 200 pot plants inside their home.

"It's not just that there is so much here, it's just that we are catching people, this is what we're catching and you have to realize the interstate and you have to realize Highway 75 is a major traffic area through the whole United States," said Jones.

Jones says a lot of the marijuana is being shipped from Mexico, but he says there are major growers and distributors throughout the county. And most of the growers live in suburban neighborhoods.

"Drug dealers and people who grow marijuana or who ship it in like to have nice neighborhoods too," he said. "These aren't the poor type of criminals these aren't the people just selling a few baggies of Marijuana. These are the folks moving thousands of pounds."

Jones says it's a scary thought that these criminals could live next door, so what can you do to keep your family safe?

"You have to pay attention to your neighbors, just watch and you get a gut feeling," he said.

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