Fire dangers at the pump

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A cold weather danger may put you at risk every time you gas up. Beware of static electricity around the gas pump.

The cold and dry weather combined with a little friction can cause a static spark. If you're not careful, it could become deadly.

J Spencer of the Spencer Gas Company of Huntsville, Ala. said a static shock from a driver's clothes can ignite fumes and spread very quickly.

He said people tend to break cardinal rules at the pump all the time like smoking, leaving the car running or leaving the pump unattended.

"Coming out of your car, you see the rules right there on the gas pump and it goes through my head every time I fill up my tank," said driver Ryan Edwards.

It only took a few minutes for our camera to spot cars running and customers distracted by cell phones.

"I've actually had to argue with somebody at the pump, with a cigar in their hand and they just didn't want to agree with me," said Spencer.

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