Getting Cleopatra exhibit to the Museum Center a huge undertaking

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The world of Cleopatra, which was lost to the sea and sand for nearly 2,000 years, has now surfaced in Cincinnati.

A new exhibition, "Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt," is preparing to make its premiere at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Getting the exhibit set up is a huge undertaking that involves tractor trailers, forklifts and even a special envoy from Egypt.

"We have close to I would say 100 people that do all of this work," said Mark Lach, creative director. "From transporting the objects to painting the wall, then erecting the scenery, to the lighting, to the music and the audio tour. All of these things that go into the complete experience. A lot of people are involved."

More than 150 artifacts in the exhibition - from the smallest gold pieces and coins to colossal statues more than 15-feet tall and weighing 5 tons - have to be set-up and staged.

"It's a pretty intense experience, moving artifacts that are this old," said Chris Altman with Hensley Industries.

For Hensley, this multi-million dollar responsibility is a bit stressful.

"You're taking care of someone baby," said Altman. "Basically this exhibit is traveling all around the world and you have to handle it with kid gloves."

"It gets packed up in the city before, in this case Philly, and transported in trucks across the country with high security," said Lach. "The trucks don't stop driving. They make one trip. The Egyptian team travels with the trucks themselves, and once it arrives we have many, many crates in the building."

It's all to provide you with a window into Cleopatra's story.

"This is a pretty neat experience for us," said Altman.

There are over 150 artifacts in exhibition. The exhibit will open February 18th.

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