17 Dogs Taken From Gallatin County Woman

By Brad Underwood – bio | email

SPARTA, KY (FOX 19) - Seventeen dogs now have the foundation for a better life after being taken from horrible conditions. Members of the Gallatin County Animal Shelter and animal control officers seized the dogs Thursday.

"The dogs were chained to trees or living in rusted wire crates and had frozen water," said Amanda Timm.

Timm is the new manager at the shelter. She took control two days ago and immediately double the capacity of the facility.

"Our shelter only holds about 16 to 20 dogs at one time. Right now I have 38," said Timm.

The former owner of the dogs is not facing any charges at this time. She currently has 10 dogs on her property because of a kennel license she received from the previous shelter director.

"This particular lady was very upset giving up her pets," said Timm. "She really did love them and she was in tears when we left, she just couldn't care for them."

Timm says the other 10 dogs will most likely end up at the shelter when the woman's kennel license isn't renewed later this year.

Right now all the dogs are ready for adoption and Timm says she will not put any down and wants to find homes for all of them.

For more information call the Gallatin County Animal Shelter at 859-643-DOGS

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