Westwood apartment fire critically injures one person

WESTWOOD - Firefighters say someone suffered life threatening injuries after a fire in Westwood. Crews pulled the individual out of the building and immediately transported them to a local hospital. Further details about the victim have not been released.

Crews were called to the building on McHenry Avenue, around 5 a.m. Monday. A person was pulled from the building and taken to the hospital with what fire officials are describing as life threatening injuries.

The fire was quickly put out but the entire building was evacuated. The Red Cross and Cincinnati Metro teamed up together to provide temporary warm shelter for those forced out of their homes.

Half of the building has been cleared, but not all residents are back inside.

As of 8:30 Monday morning, Cincinnati Police were on the scene with a mobile crime investigation unit. Detectives were also on location.

No details on the cause on the condition of the fire victim have been released. FOX 19 will continue to monitor this story and bring updates throughout the day.

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