Thousands of Lakota parents and students prepare for busing cuts

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - It's the calm before the school transportation storm in the Lakota school district as thousands of students prepare to lose their busing Tuesday, forcing parents to drastically change their plans.

Lakota mom Jodi Krusling has had some homework of her own lately -- figuring out how to get her 14 year old daughter Lindsay and her youngest Emma to school.

"You're scrambling trying to make phone calls to work out what's going to be the best and safest way for your children to make it to and from school ," Krusling said. "Tomorrow will be their first day without busing for both of them."

For her daughters walking to school, wasn't and option.

"They would either be crossing or walking along very ,very busy roads, that really do not have sidewalks," Krusling said.

Krusling is now collaborating on picking up and dropping off with other parents.

"We've set up carpools with neighbors, and things like that , it's definitely going to be a little harder on our family," Krusling said.

Krusling's daughters will join an estimated 3000 students in the Lakota district who'll have to find an alternate way to get to school starting Tuesday --saving the district nearly $2.8 million a year once completely phased in.

Busing is now eliminated for: all high school students, 7th and 8th graders who live within a 2 mile radius, and  kindergarten through 5th graders who live inside a 1 mile radius.

While it is an inconvenience parents like Krusling, she still sees the bright side, that these cuts aren't effecting school curriculum and programs.

"The busing is the furthest away from having a direct effect on my child's future, and their education," Krusling said.

Nearly 3,000 more students will see busing cuts in the fall once the plan is completely phased in.

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