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Mandatory safety meeting ordered at Senior Chateau

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There are more allegations over filthy and unsafe living conditions at the Senior Chateau in East Price Hill and people are speaking out to FOX19.

"If they don't want you there," said Karen Kelley. "They will find a reason to get you out."

Residents who speak out against the building management say they're worried they could be forced out the door.

Kelley said she is fed-up.

"Oh, I've not gotten any answers and we're told not to talk about it," she said over a posted notice about a residents only safety meeting.

Kelley said she's witnessed a lot at the Senior Chateau over the last 20 years having family and friends living there.

"It's nothing like it used to be," she said. "It has so went downhill ever since."

I guess maybe starting about the last ten years," she said. "Is when it started getting really bad."

Residents complain there have been years of problems with bedbugs.

The Health Department cited the Senior Chateau with seven code violations, ranging from rats to bedbugs, to plumbing and mold issues last year alone.

"Well, that's just fact, that's in the building," Kelley said.

And most disturbing is reports of in-house robberies.

"I hate to say it, but it's a lot of the resident's families that's coming in and doing this," Kelley said.

There are meds and money being stolen.

"Not just to their own mom and dads or grandparents that are living there, they're coming in and doing it because they know the routine of the building," she said.

And the Social Security and Medicaid pay schedule most of the seniors, who live there, are on.

Our story generated scores of comments.

"Thank you so much for airing this story. We have a relative whose grandmother lives in this building, and she has not had any heat all winter. Please stay on this story and help them get some resolution," wrote Vicki Rosemeyer.

Genevive Portman was the only person who wrote with anything positive to say. "I was a little upset when I saw your story. I have never seen dirty hallways or any unlivable conditions. Kudos to the staff. If they treat the other tenants as well as they treat my loved one, then I see all things good for the Chateau."

Our story prompted a mandatory safety meeting Tuesday at 2 p.m.

"It's residents-only," Kelley said. "No friends or even the families are allowed to go over there."

"If they don't got nothing to hide, why are they trying to lock us out?" she asked. "It's not like, we're just family, so aren't we allowed to go?"

Kelley said she is staying overnight at the Senior Chateau and is planning on attending that meeting Tuesday, with her friends and relatives, no matter what.

We have calls out to PK Management, but as you might imagine, we're not allowed in that meeting either. We'll stay on top of this and let you know how it all unfolds Tuesday. 

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