Mayor Mallory Signs Civility Accord in Washington DC

WASHINGTON DC (FOX 19)--Mayor Mark Mallory joined mayors from across the country on Wednesday in signing the Civility Accord at the US Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting.  Rejecting the current atmosphere of confrontational political rhetoric, the mayors of America are committing themselves to raising the level of debate and working to build a more civil society.

"Restoring respect and decorum to City Hall was among my first priorities when I became Mayor," Mayor Mark Mallory said.  "The public takes their cues from how their elected leaders conduct themselves.  That is why it is so important that we maintain a high level of civility as we deal with the challenges that face our city.  We may have differences of opinion, but we all share a commitment to improving our community and we owe it to citizens to have a positive and respectful debate about what is best for Cincinnati."

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