Mystery gas smell pervades Winton/ Hamilton corridor

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fairfi - CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Duke Energy says an smell of gas that residents have been noticing on the north and northwest parts of town isn't coming from them, but could be coming from a truck.

The smell was so strong, it led to a closing if the Lane Public Library's Fairfield Branch for about an hour and a half. 

The smell was noticed early Monday afternoon in Spring Grove Village, Finneytown, North College Hill, Greenhills, Forest Park, and Fairfield.

Duke says that if a gas line were leaking, the odor wouldn't be spread all over town, but a truck emitting the same type of smell could easily cover that area.

The odor of natural gas is not from the gas, but from a chemical that is added to the gas so people can detect it in their homes. A different odor is added to gasoline, which otherwise wouldn't smell very strong.

At the library in Fairfield, the staff moved to the Hamilton location.  20 customers and 12 staff were in the library at the time.  A librarian says the Fairfield Fire Department had already had other reports of a smell, and the library's maintenance person heard the smell may have been coming from a truck that carries the chemical used for natural gas.  the library was reopening at 2:15 p.m.

The location of the complaints, combined with the day's light winds, suggests a vehicle moving along the area near Winton Road or Hamilton Avenue, or both.

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