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Local police departments on edge after nationwide shootings

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19)---Police here in Covington are like a lot of police departments in Greater Cincinnati--taking the recent violence against police very seriously.

 Just this month, there have been 14 police officer funerals across our county.  

"It begs the question, what's the cause for all of this? Is it the result of an ongoing crime wave, is it the result of some terrorist act?," says Spike Jones with the Covington Police Department.

He says there's just no answer to those questions right now.

Since 11 police officers nationwide got shot in one 24 hour period over ther weekend, Jones's agency is taking extra steps with each officer.  He says There's a reminder to each shift to be on alert.

"Minimize risks, always be cautious with people you're dealing with, be able to observe their hands, very simple things like that police officers are trained to do, we are just reasserting the importance of those things," says Jones.

He's also asking the public to be aware of this stressful time, which may have some officers on edge.

Jones says his department is one of many asking the public for this.

"Just cooperate with the officer. If the officer asks to see your hands, show him your hands. It's as simple as that. If they ask for a ID and the ID is in a location that you have to reach to, just explain to the offIcer where the ID is and wait for instructions," says Jones.

Police in Covington say they will use every precaution they can to stay safe while out on patrol.

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