Testimony continues in Widmer's third trial

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Testimony in Ryan Widmer's third trial continued Thursday with more questioning of first responders.

Judge Neal Bronson and the jury entered the courtroom around 9 a.m. Defense attorney Jay Clark began cross examining EMT Jeff Teague, who was one of the first emergency responders at the Widmer's home the night Sarah Widmer died. Teague was questioned Wednesday by prosecutors.

After Teague was questioned, the court took a morning recess. Prosecutors then called Jason Stevens to the stand. Stevens was with Teague the night of Sarah's death, and was also one of the first responders on the scene. He was in charge of the run report from Sarah's death, a report that has been revealed in court to have some mistakes and inaccuracies.

After prosecutor Travis Vieux questioned Stevens, the court took a lunch break, then defense attorney Jay Clark cross examined Stevens.

Prosecutors then called Sgt. Lisa Elliot, another officer who was at the Widmer home the night of Sarah's death. She was the officer who made the decision to call a detective because she felt something was "suspicious" about the case.

Doyle Burke, chief investigator for the Warren County Coroner's Office, was then called to testify. He talked about his observations he made at the hospital of Sarah's body.

Jurors did not hear testimony Thursday from the so-called "mystery witness," now identified as Jennifer Crew, a former strip club manager in Iowa. She may testify Friday.

Widmer is facing a third trial for Sarah's death. A conviction in his first trial was overturned due to juror misconduct and a second trial ended in a hung jury.

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