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Coroner testifies in third Widmer trial

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Jurors heard from medical experts, including the Warren County coroner on Friday, the third day of testimony in Ryan Widmer's third trial.,

Widmer is on trial for killing his wife, Sarah, in 2008.

Prosecutors first called Dr. James Layne Moore, a doctor who studies epilepsy and sleep disorders for The Ohio State University.

Prosecutor John Arnold asked Moore about Sarah Widmer's medical history, and Moore testified there was nothing in her records to indicate she was anything but healthy. He said she had no history of seizures, and her family history showed no history, either.

However, during cross examination, defense attorney Jay Clark presented the idea that Sarah could have had a seizure as she was stepping into the tub, fell face forward, hit her head and when she went to gasp for a breath, water filled her lungs, causing her to drown. Moore said it was possible but that "Sarah was not a likely candidate for a seizure," but agreed that it didn't mean she couldn't have had one.

Warren County Coroner Dr. Russell Uptegrove took the stand after the lunch break.

Uptegrove performed an autopsy on Sarah the day after she died. During his testimony, he went through all of the injuries he noticed on her, including bruising to the back of her neck. He said none the injuries were consistent with CPR or other medical procedures EMS worker performed on Sarah the night she died. Uptegrove said all indications were that Sarah was dead when emergency crews arrived.

As autopsy photos were shown, Ryan Widmer bowed his head and did not look up at the photos.

Uptegrove said he could also not explain why there was a blood stain on the carpet where Sarah was laying, near her vaginal area. He said he indicated nothing in her autopsy as to how she could have been bleeding from that area.

Uptegrove was the one who ruled Sarah's death as a homicide.

 It's unlikely jurors will hear testimony from Jennifer Crew, formerly known as the "mystery witness." Crew is expected to testify next week that Ryan confessed to her that he killed Sarah. Judge Neal Bronson has not yet ruled on if defense attorneys will be able to ask her about her criminal past during cross examination.

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