Fanboy in the Basement: Death: The Time of Your Life

Fanboy in the Basement: Death: The Time of Your Life

Death was created when Adam and Eve sinned against God. 3,000 years later, Death is recreated as a Goth girl with an umbrella thanks to Neil Gaiman. The character Death is a spin off from his award winning series The Sandman. And this is the second trade. The first was Death: The High Cost of Living.  It is the understanding that Death becomes human once a century to remain grounded and in touch with humanity. But since this is the second go around I guess that doesn't apply.

In this story we get Donna Cavanagh a rising music star that now uses the name Foxglove. With a hit record; she's on the crest of big time music career that is crossing over to mainstream.  And that alone is why her manager Larry wants to keep that she's a lesbian under wraps.  So he hires Vito, a male underwear model, to be her date at a movie premiere in which her song is featured. Her partner, Hazel McNamarra, who, in my opinion is the central character of the story, has a son, Alvie.  At the beginning of the story, Alvie dies. Death comes to take him, but Hazel makes a deal that if Death lets him live, she can come back and take either her or Foxglove.  Death has come back to collect.

Unlike the first trade, The High Cost of Living, Death is a minor character. This story revolves around Hazel, Foxglove, her manager Larry, her bodyguard Boris and the underwear model. The visuals of the story are brought to life with Death and Hazel's conversation. You learn how Foxglove and Hazel's started and how much they really mean to each other despite Foxglove's wandering eye.

I don't need to tell you about how good Neil Gaiman is, so I say that the art is very good. Chris Bachalo and Mark Buckingham use images to complements his words.

Death: The Time of your Life is the second go around for both Foxglove and Hazel. They first appeared in The Sandman: A Game for You.

Death: The Time of Your Life is a sweet story of love and understanding and Gaiman does an excellent job of bringing these characters to life. It shows you what's important in life. Not what we do, but how we live.

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