Second mystery witness discussed in Widmer trial

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - The testimony continues Monday in the third murder trial of Ryan Widmer, with the possibility that the prosecution's first mystery witness, a strip club manager from Iowa, Jennifer Crew, could take the stand this week.

Judge Neal Bronson has not yet said whether or not defense attorneys will be able to ask Crew about her criminal past during cross examination. Prosecutors filed a motion Monday asking  Judge Bronson to block the defense's request, saying certain events in Crew's past happened over a decade ago, and the only usable conviction defense attorneys could use is a misdemeanor theft offense from 2007.

A footnote in the motion filed by prosecutors on Monday morning mentions a second Jane Doe witness. The motion states, '...the State has thus far honored the Defense request that the state not return a subpoena showing the name and address of another Jane Doe witness.'

The motion says the second mystery witness, who currently lives in the area, and whose identity was recently discovered by the state and who also became involved with Widmer as the result of Dateline and the Widmer's website, moved to the area following her involvement with Widmer.

The first mystery witness, Jennifer Crew, is expected to testify about a phone conversation with Widmer in which, according to the prosecution, Widmer was drunk and confessed to drowning his wife, Sarah, in the bathtub in their home.

The defense says that the call never happened, and Widmer's phone records back that up.

Crew reportedly e-mailed Widmer after seeing his story on Dateline, which evolved into e-mails to Ryan's personal account, then text messaging and phone calls to Ryan's personal cell phone.

Prosecutors called Dr. William Rogers, an emergency room doctor, as an expert witness first thing on Monday. Rogers reviewed Sarah's medical records and testified, "there is no explainable medical event that caused Sarah's death."

Defense attorney Jay Clark took an opportunity to ask Dr. Rogers about methadone, which doesn't have anything to do with Sarah Widmer, but Jennifer Crew. Defense attorney Lindsey Gutierrez said during her opening statements that Crew has spent time at a methadone clinic.

During cross examination, Rogers also said he couldn't 100 percent rule out that Sarah suffered a medical event, such as a seizure or cardiac event.

Prosecutors then called Derek Roat, a firefighter/EMT with Hamilton Township and one of the first on the scene the night of Sarah's death, who testified about the life saving efforts given to Sarah.

Prosecutors then called Mark Bedwell, a Hamilton Township officer who was at the scene the night of Sarah's death.

Jurors heard from medical experts, including the Warren County coroner, on the third day of testimony on Friday. Jurors have also heard from emergency responders who were at the scene.

Widmer is on trial for killing his wife, Sarah, in 2008. A murder conviction in Widmer's first trial was thrown out because of juror misconduct. A second jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict.

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