2 students injured in Springdale school explosion

SPRINGDALE, OH (FOX19) - Two children are at Cincinnati Children's Hospital being treated for second degree burns after an explosion during a science fair at Calvary Christian Academy on Kenn Road.

Two seven-year-old girls are expected to recover from their burns. The names and conditions of the girls have not yet been released.

The explosion happened at the end of the school day, around 1:30 p.m. during a science fair. Firefighters say some ethanol alcohol being used in one of the displays heated up and then exploded.

The two kids did get second degree burns, but firefighters say the students knew what to do, doing the Stop Drop and Roll to help put out the fire. "When their uniforms caught on fire, they actually stopped where they were and rolled around on the floor," said Michael Hoffman with the Springdale Fire Department. "That helped extinguish the fire and minimize their injuries."

It might have helped save the kids' lives.

The pastor of the church and school, Normal Paslay, met with his staff immediately following the explosion. He did not want to go on camera for an interview, but he did say that several staffers went with the children to the hospital.

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