Storm cancels more than 200 flights at CVG

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HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - Airports across the country have been impacted by the massive storm. There have been dozens of delays here at home and even more flights canceled.

FOX19 has been on airport watch for you. The staff and airlines are bracing for the changeover, from heavy rain to snow.

It has been a sloppy day for sure out at the airport to say the least. More than 225 flights have been canceled and passengers are scrambling to re-schedule.

One by one we watched the planes disappear. They looked like ghosts in the soupy fog, disappearing from sight almost the moment they were airborne. But they are coming and going and that's a good thing, compared to most major airports across the Midwest and northeast.

"We have a great snow team here," said Barb Schempf, spokesperson for CVG. "Our runways are open, our ramps are open."

But everything around the airport, was frozen-over in the storm, encased in a thin sheet of ice.

For example, we could chip-away the icy layer on one of the benches at the airplane viewing area, just outside the runways, where you can barely see planes taking off.

Some people run from the snow and can't wait for the winter to end, but not a couple we caught-up with from Cincinnati, hoping to make their ski-trip.

"We're headed to Salt Lake City to get into some snow," said Rob Lashley. He and Janice Hillgray are chasing down the good stuff, what they called, 'quality snow'."

"Not this artificial snow that they make in Cincinnati," Lashley joked.

"Were you worried you were going to be stuck here because of the ice?," we asked.

"Yes we were," he said. "We've been sweating it for 24 hours."

Tony and Kim Magalski's flight home to Appleton, Wisconsin was already canceled once through Detroit.

"Whoa!, whoa!, whoa!," said Tony Magalski. "What are they doing now? They're taking us all over the place!," he said, lamenting his latest booking.

"To Newark," Kim Magalski said.

Fingers crossed, their second attempt to get home, is a success.

"You're optimistic though," we said. "Hopefully, hopefully," the both echoed.

Everyone hopes to get there on-time and leave on time.

"We were supposed to be on a 9 o'clock fight today," said one woman in a group heading to Florida. "And we're on an 8:30 tonight."

At least there were no delays checking in.

"One of the benefits of the new technology is the airlines are able to notify their passengers as much as they can in-advance," Schempf said. "Whether it be through texting, email, their iphones, to make sure they know before they even come out to the airports, so we don't have those passengers stranded here at CVG."

Air travel has stalled all over the U.S.

Susan and Michael Jonas had flights for Wednesday, but tried to get out Tuesday, before the snow hits.

"Ultimately, we're trying to get to Fort Myers, Florida," Jonas said, where it is 81 degrees right now.

"We hope so!," said his wife Susan.

"Hopefully," Michael said. "Wish us luck."

"We're looking forward to 76-degree weather here at CVG any day now," Schempf laughed.

She said they have about 80 staffers that will stay overnight at the airport, so they can be ready for anything first thing Wednesday morning.

Always check with your airline first before making the trek out there.

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