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Nursing Home Reports Harassing Phone Calls

LAWRENCEBURG, IN (FOX19) –The staff at Shady Nook Care Center desperately wants some answers from the people working at United Cash Loans. Staffers at the care center say the payday loan company has repeatedly tied up all four lines at the senior citizen home in an attempt to collect on a debt from one of the staff members.

It all started last week.

"We couldn't get in our out, we had to fax all of our doctors, call all of our family members, use our own personal cell phones to contact people," said Lisa Liub, the assistant director of nursing. 

Liub says the staffer claims to have paid the debt off. Liub says despite her tried, the workers at United Cash Loans don't believe her and keep on calling.

"They would do it in spurts. They would start for awhile and then it would stop, then they would start again. Each shift had to deal with them," says Liub.

It's made her worry about how tied up phone lies could impact Shady Nook's patients and residents.

"There are some things that you have to talk to the doctors about personally, that aren't going to do well in a fax, and if we have an emergency, and we need to call 911 or something we wouldn't be able to," said Liub.

FOX19 checked out the history of United Cash Loans with the Better Business Bureau and found several posts about them in different states. Ratings were as low as an F for this company, and FOX19 found stacks of complaints about customer service and harassment.

At Shady Nook, staffers say they've contacted police about the calls. 

"They said they are going to contact the FBI, and that we needed to get a hold of the Federal Trade Commission, and that's what we're going to do," said Liub.

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