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Driver of semi in I-275 fiery crash talks to FOX19

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ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The scene Wednesday night was a fiery crash on I-275 that shut down the interstate at the Markely Road overpass. The truck that was on fire burned for hours, and the accident injured three people. The driver of the semi-truck, Bruce Gough, spoke with FOX19 and says he is very sore and beaten up.

Gough says that his semi-truck collided with a mini-van that cut in front of him and caused his rig to spiral out of control and burst into flames.

Gough was heading eastbound on 275 around 5:30 p.m. when he says a minivan, driven by Chester Johnson, 47, and his passenger Robert Althuas, 74, cut right in front of him and forced him to hit his brakes hard.

He slammed into the back of the fan, flipping it over the side of the highway and down the embankment, where it flipped back onto its wheels, right side up, at the bottom.

"This has been the most horrific accident I have ever been in," said Gough. "I'm lucky to be alive and I'm very thankful that the gentlemen in the van were able to make it out. I'm thankful everybody made it out alive, because it was one very, very nasty accident."

Gough says from what he's been told by police, the driver of the van, Chester Johnson, is expected to be cited. He told FOX19 that in all of his 20 years driving a truck, he has never been involved in anything like this and hopes he never does again.

The other two victims are said to be in stable condition at University Hospital.

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