Local bars prep for Super Bowl Sunday

CORRYVILLE, OH (FOX 19) -- Martino's on Short Vine will be at full capacity on Super Bowl, so much so, it is renting extra space across the street at Bogart's for the overflow.

Martino's has been dubbed Steelers Heaven, the only place in the tri-state that might actually feel like you are watching the big game in Pittsburgh.

For 35 dollars you will get three drink tickets and access to the buffet plus a completely decked out black and gold atmosphere.

But if you can't stand the Steelers, head to Tickets Sports Cafe in Covington. Tickets is trying to balance the best of both worlds for football fans.

"We have a contingent of both that visit Tickets so we have a large Packers group that comes here and a large Steelers group and we hope to have a little bit of a rivalry going on," says Claude Brown, a bartender at Tickets.

"It's almost always friendly, very rarely does it get out of hand, so we're looking for a good game tomorrow."

Tickets also expects to reach max capacity for the game, expecting between 90 to 110 people, with 70 reservations made so far.

Tickets is offering drink specials and a complimentary buffet at half time but most of all wants a good game.

"The Super Bowl is the biggest part of the year, it's kind of like New Year's all wrapped up into one football game," says Brown.

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