Fans gather to watch Super Bowl

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)---There's no question that Martino's in Clifton is a Steeler's outpost. On Super Bowl Sunday you could feel the long distance love for Pittsburgh.

But fans say it's always like that on Steeler's game day.

"Oh yeah, for sure, this is about as Steelers as it gets," said UC student and Steeler's fan John Quinn.

At Martino's black and yellow jersey's are required, and so is watching the game like you're on the sidelines. This is a place where the fraternity of football really comes out, but it's also a place where anyone can be an NFL fan.

Just ask Packer's fan Heather Dyer. She came to Martino's with a group of friends, but was the only green and yellow wearer in sight.

"They're cheering and I'm , silently cheering so I don't get pummeled, but we're just having a good time," said Heather.

On Super Bowl game day, fun is what it's all about.

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