Hot Gadgets for 2011

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - For the last two or three years, technology has been advancing so fast that it can seem new ideas and gadgets are coming out before people can catch up. So what are the trends for 2011? What will be in stores? What is in development?

Florence, KY blogger Ryan Shrout says we'll see big strides in technology we've already got on the market. One thing he likes is the idea of near field communications.

"You could use your cell phone as your wallet, you could use your cell phone to check out at a cash register, use your cell phone, set it next to somebody else's cell phone to trade contacts or applications or information or data that way," said Shrout.

He's a blogger who runs the web site PCPer, and he makes a living writing about tech trends. Shrout says near field communications has the potential to change everything about the every day, even down to the usual trip to the grocery store.

You'll have a screen on the end of your shopping cart that as you walk down the aisle will point out things that are on sale or things that you maybe bought before that might go well with other things you have in your shopping cart, all of that is enabled by near field communications," says Ryan. "That's how they prevent people from taking stuff out of the store but now instead of just setting off alarms, it can be used for informational purposes."

Ryan says near field communications wasn't the only advance to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January.

"I think the biggest trend is obviously going to be tablet devices. What the Apple company stared and really made popular, every company now is going to have tablet devices," says Shrout.

He says the only difference with the new tablets will be the operating system.

"You'll still see some windows based ones but Android is really going to be the key here," says Shrout.

Shrout also likes the new Nintendo 3-Ds and says wireless power will soon become a norm.

"The ability to charge your devices, your phones, your tablets, that type of thing without having to plug a cable in, that's going to make people who are tech nerds pretty happy to have way less things plugged into the wall," says Shrout.

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