Teen who got hair set on-fire on bus ride home speaks to FOX19

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MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - "I burst through the door and I said, 'Mom, they lit my hair on fire!', and she looked at me and she was like, 'What?' "

Even his mom couldn't believe it, until 15-year-old Devin Lewis showed her the back of his scorched head.

Three Middletown High School students are in a lot of trouble, after they reportedly set Lewis' hair on fire. It all happened on Friday and now those teens are in juvenile jail.

Lewis joked, he was just about to grow his hair out long, but will have to wait awhile for that now. He got a haircut over the weekend to hide the chunk of hair that got burned-away, he said, by three reckless bullies.

"One of the kids back there yelled, 'Oh my God his hair's on fire!', Lewis said, still in disbelief. "I was like, you're kidding me."

But it was no joke. The Freshman thought last Friday would be like any other Friday on the school bus ride home.

"I thought it was gonna be typical," he said. "But it wasn't." "I felt like it was the worst day ever."

One boy sat next to him in the seat on the school bus. Two other boys sat in the seat behind him.

"I was just sitting there, listening to my music, when they pulled my hood down and my earphones out," Lewis said.

He said the kid next to him, pulled out a lighter and held it to his face. He jerked his head back away from the lit flame.

"While I was backing-up, the kid behind me took his lighter and lit my hair on fire," he said.

Lewis said that's when real pandemonium broke out on the bus, with the students around him freaking out.

"It was right around this area," he said drawing a circle with his hand on the back of his head. The barber blended his hair so you can't see where the chunk was.

"From right here to right there," he said, making a motion of about 4 inches apart.

Then, he said a telltale odor confirmed his worst fears.

"it was a nasty, pungent smell," Lewis said. "I mean, it's just nasty."

He reached back to feel his hair.

"I feel this stuff like crushed in my hand," he said. "This dust, just nothing but black soot in my hands, like a few little pieces, real pointy and stuff, but it was just basically gone."

"And what did the bus driver say at this point?," we asked. "Well, she stopped the bus when she heard somebody say that my hair was on fire and she turned around and said that if they kept-on, they would be kicked-off the bus and I thought to myself, why are you not calling the police?"

Instead Lewis said, he had to sit next to the bullies until his stop came around.

"I could actually hear my heart pounding in my head and I could just hear it because I was so scared."

"Oh yeah," his mother Stephanie McKeehan said. "I'm taking pictures."

She flipped through several pictures she took within moments of Devin walking through the front door and confronting her with the disturbing news his hair had been set on-fire.

"You can see where the chunk's missing," she said pointing to the area in the center of the back of his scalp, near the nape of his neck. "And all the hair is singed."

"I was ready to hunt somebody down," she laughed. "The redneck was going to come out in me definitely."

Middletown Schools have a strict "zero-tolerance" policy on bullying.

"Obviously, we are not going to tolerate it and when it comes up we deal with it," said Middletown High School Principal Dennis Newell.

The three suspects are locked-up and have been suspended for ten days with a recommendation to be expelled.

Their charges range from aggravating and menacing, to assault and obstructing official business.

All three boys go before a Judge Tuesday morning.

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