Widmer trial: Defense calls expert witness

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Defense attorneys continued to present their case on Tuesday, Day 10 of testimony in Ryan Widmer's third trial.

Widmer is accused of killing his wife, Sarah, in the bathtub of the couple's Hamilton Township home in August of 2008.

The defense called Dr. David Smile, an emergency room doctor for several hospitals in the area, as an expert witness. He has testified in both of Widmer's previous trials, but testified in this trial for free.

He explained the process of intubation to the jury, and how he's seen injuries in patients due to failed attempts, and how several failed attempts can lead to a sense of urgency.

Sarah Widmer had five intubations attempts the night she died before a successful attempt occurred when she got to the hospital.

Smile also testified that it's "possible" Sarah suffered a cardiac event, and there is nothing in her records that would cause him to rule out a cardiac event or a seizure.

He also mentioned a Japanese study that said a hot bath could trigger a heart arrhythmia, but when during cross examination, prosecutor Travis Vieux asked, "would you agree that Sarah Widmer was not Japanese?" and Smile admitted she was not.

Also during cross examination, Smile admitted he could not give a diagnosis with any degree of medical certainty that Sarah suffered a cardiac or neurological event that caused her death.

Smile was the day's only witness. At some point during the defense's case, it's expected they will show jurors the September 2009 Dateline episode featuring the case and causing Jennifer Crew to contact Ryan.

Ryan Widmer is facing his third trial for the death of his wife.

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