Accused Mason high school teacher turns in resignation

Stacy Schuler (Source: Mason High School)
Stacy Schuler (Source: Mason High School)

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

MASON, OH (FOX19)  - The Mason High School teacher accused of having sexual relations with five students is out of jail and out of job.

Members of the Mason City Schools Board of Education voted to accept Stacy Schuler's resignation on Tuesday night. Schuler didn't show up at the Board of Education meeting, but her presence was definitely felt. Parents gave their two cents to board members. Dozens of parents and students packed the Harvard room at the high school to hear the board's decision.

"Overall, I think this is an embarrassment," said Dr. Kevin Bright, Superintendent of Mason City Schools. "Not only to Mason public education, but to the teaching profession in general."

Schuler sent the school board her letter of resignation this week.

FOX19 was the only one there on Tuesday afternoon as Schuler left jail. The 32-year old is accused of having sexual relations with five Mason High School students off of school grounds.

Schuler is facing 16 counts of sexual battery and three counts of providing alcohol to minors. Tuesday, Schuler learned her immediate fate. A judge ruled Schuler must wear an electronic monitoring device, must stay away from those under 18 years old and all high school students, must have no contact with the alleged victims, and is not permitted to consume alcohol or drugs.

"As head of the district, I would like to believe that we should be able to prevent these types of situations. However, I know that people with bad intent can find ways to do bad things, and that people will sometimes make poor decisions. I also know that with 1,400 employees and 11,000 students, we are not immune to some of the terrible things that happen outside of school."

Schuler was place on paid administrative leave on January 18th while police investigated. At Tuesday's board meeting, parents directed their outrage to the man in charge: Dr. Bright.

"Why was Schuler put on paid administrative leave?" said concerned resident John Meyer. "Send a clear-cut message that you are fired. And Mr. Kevin Bright, you're ten times more dangerous than a molester. Because it's your policies that got us where we are, and it's your policies that cost our kids their innocence. You ought to get out of Mason."

Mason City school board president Debbie Delp couldn't disagree more with that sentiment.

"The idea that after 20 years of service and watching the district grow every year," said Delp. "That this is enough to say our Superintendent should resign?"

Dr. Bright said the board has already begun the process to terminate Schuler, adding in a statement: "We received her resignation today and believe that accepting it will save the district a lot of legal fees--which is in the best interest of our taxpayers and students."

Administrators said they haven't had any contact with Schuler since she was arrested.

The judge ruled Schuler is allowed to work, but she must abide by a curfew. She must be at home between 8pm and 6am.

Dr. Bright tells FOX19 that the Department of Education will decide what'll happen with Schuler's teaching license.

"In this case, we acted swiftly, partnered with police immediately, and are standing here today because of how seriously our high school principal and the Mason Police Department took an anonymous tip. I appreciate Mrs. McCarty-Stewart's leadership on the issue, and am grateful to have her leading our high school."

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