Middletown City Schools review bus safety in light of recent incidents

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Over the past four days, four students have either been charged or arrested because of incidents on Middletown School busses. While the majority of buses around the Tri-State have video cameras on them, there are only five busses in the Middletown City School District that do.

20 years ago, all Middletown buses had cameras that recorded onto VHS tapes. Over the years the equipment broke but has never been replaced.

"We didn't replace them because we found that they were not effective in behavior control, or in identifying anything that were to happen on a bus because you can only see shadows," says Middletown City Schools spokesperson Debbie Alberico.

But last Friday, a freshman was attacked by three other students and his hair was set on fire. On Monday, a 17-year-old girl attacked a 16-year-old, who is nine months pregnant. That incident sent the driver's aide to the hospital.

Alberico says the bus drivers "have been trained in what to do when there is…a fight on the bus. On Monday, the driver did a great job. She casually pulled the bus over and when she put it in park or neutral rather, she helped the aid contain the girl."

The transportation director for Middletown City Schools is meeting with all bus drivers to reinforce the protocol in the event of a fight.

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