Nurse shortage in schools could effect children's health

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The shortage in school nurses that is going to be happening soon could have an effect on children's heath.

Over 100 students got sick with stomach flu, Wednesday, and extra nurses had to be brought in to help.

To balance this year's budget, City Council voted to lay off a third of the school nurses from Cincinnati Public schools.

Dr. Marilyn Crumpton and other leaders from the Cincinnati Department of Health worry that lay-offs could mean similar situations in the future.

"In addition to the school nurse there, we've brought additional staff," said Crumpton, "Borrowed them from other schools to provide support for some of the team leaders, and that's exactly the discussion we're having today. What are we going to do if we're down to a third of the number of nurses. Yeah. We are concerned about that."

Nurse will remain in the Cincinnati schools until the end of the school year. This gives Cincinnati Public Schools six months to find new funding for school nurses.

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