Jonah Crab Meat Salad

Jonah Crab Meat Salad

with watermelon, cucumber, radish & Kentucky spoonfish caviar cream


12 oz.               Crabmeat

2                      Lemon

2-3 oz.             Kentucky spoonfish caviar

8 large              Radish             

1 large              English cucumber

½                     Watermelon

1                      Bunch of chive

1 small              Red onion

3 tb                  Cream fraiche

2 tb                  Mayonnaise

Salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, fleur de sel, ketchup


Step 1 Mise en Place

-         Peel lemon skin, take out the supreme, julienne the skin and blanch three times, cover with water add sugar and let cook slowly until candied.  Set aside

-         Dice red onion finely

-         Chop chive

-         Dice half of cucumber

-         Julienne radish

-         Add ketchup to mayonnaise, salt and pepper


Step 2 Progression

-         cut 18 slices of watermelon

-         trim with cookie cutter to fit decoration ring

-         Take leftover watermelon and blend with rest of cucumber, EVO, S&P to taste, keep this coulis cold

-         In a bowl, mix crab meat, cucumber, radish, chive, lemon supreme, EVO, S&P to taste


Step 3 Ready to Eat

            Place some crab salad in ring, add mayonnaise and place one slice of watermelon, repeat two more times, finishing with watermelon on top.

            Place ring in center of plate, add coulis around, remove ring, add cream fraiche and caviar on top, top with candied lemon peel and sprinkle with fleur de sel.


Bon Appétit!


Jean-Robert de Cavel

Chef de cuisine