Study claims admissions discrimination at Miami University and the OSU

By Brad Underwood – bio | email

OXFORD, OH (FOX 19) – A new study says Miami University and The Ohio State University favor African American students over Caucasian students when it's a close call.

The study focused on race, grade point average and standardized testing results to come with a 10 to 1 ratio at Ohio State and an 8 to 1 ratio of Miami. Both showing favoritism towards African American applicants compared to Caucasian and Asian students.

"The study shows that many students are rejected in favor of students with lower test scores and grades," said Linda Chavez or the Center for Equal Opportunity. "The reason is that they have the wrong skin color."

Current enrollment at Miami is about 20 thousand students.  Spokesperson Claire Wagner says the study only focused on three factors the admissions process considers. "At Miami we use 25 factors to determine if a student will succeed here," said Wagner.

Right now about 13 percent of the freshman class is considered multicultural and campus wide it's about 10 percent.

Freshman student Jeremy Cohen finds the results a bit surprising. "It's not really an extremely diverse school as it is right now so you would kind of expect it to be more diverse if they did do that," said Cohen.

Wagner says that Miami has the highest graduation rate for public schools in Ohio and the highest African American graduation rate in the state as well.

For a complete look at the study by the Center for Equality, click here.

Miami University lists all 25 admission factors can be found on the schools web site.

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