Cincinnati Police organize crime raid in Avondale

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Police are sending a strong message to drug dealers, traffickers and criminals in Avondale.

All five police districts, along with vice raided multiple apartments and homes looking for 32 suspects wanted for a number of crimes. FOX19's Emily Wood joined undercover officers during the bust and reports on their efforts to clean up the streets.

In Avondale, CIRV Operation was a culmination of six months of undercover investigations in the neighborhood. Police are going after criminals wanted for aggravated robbery, homicide and drugs.

"These are the worst of the worst in this part of the town," said Elliot Isaac, District 4 Commander. "Avondale has enjoyed some reductions in crime over the last couple years, however the gun violence has continued and actually increased a little bit."

Officer Dan Downing has worked in vice the last three years. He says these types of raids show criminals that police are watching. "This way it sends more of a message to these guys out here, that we're not going to tolerate what goes on."

Not every arrest matches the suspects they are after. A juvenile was arrested for violating his probation, and another man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, but neither one of them were part of the 32 suspects on the operation's list.

"We probably get more arrests like this today then we will the actual people on the list," said Downing.

Cincinnati Police say this is the first major raid they have done in Avondale, with more than 75 officers participating. They also tell FOX19 that the sunny weather actually helped with the raids, putting more suspects outside than in their homes.

Police arrested 12 of its 32 suspects and made five additional arrests during Wednesday's raid.

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