How to deal with a "bad boss"

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX 19) -- You know you've had one and you've probably complained about him or her: a bad boss.

In today's online world, complaining has shifted from the water cooler to the Internet and in some cases can cause you to lose your job. So before you micro-manage your harsh opinion about a supervisor, take a step back and re-think your plan.

There are ways to deal with a bad boss and keep your credibility.

Many of us can identify with the pain and anguish of Peter Gibbons, the popular disgruntled Initech worker from the hit movie, "Office Space". The thing Gibbons hates the most is his unbearable, coffee drinking boss Bill Lumbergh.

FOX 19 took a quick survey in Fountain Square to find out what people working in the city think about bosses maybe similar to Mr. Lumbergh.

"I used to have a boss that would never do any work, made me do everything," says Ryan Hensley.

"They don't listen," says Colleen Ziegert.

"It was his way or the highway," says Shawn Thorpe.

"Having bosses that don't realize you have personal lives," says Michelle Fancher.

But it's not just people on the street. Sites like are allowing employees to vent in the virtual world complaining about bosses that do nothing all day.

"Whyme1" posts: My boss is by far the worst boss I have ever encountered.

My boss sat around in his office all day long doing nothing but surfing the web while I was working, posted by "Anonymous".

But business consultant, Steve Tobak, who blogs for says the solution to dealing with a bad boss is simple: Don't.

"At the end of the day, he is going to win out," says Tobak. He says the boss is the boss for a reason and while it might be hard to hear, every employee has a choice.

"You can quit, I mean, it's that simple," says Tobak.

Tobak along with local career guru Dana Glasgo says in most cases you need to suck it up and be professional.

"As an employee, you need to work with your boss to make him or her look good and to make him or her reach his or her goals," says Glasgo.

But what if you can't quit your job? We've heard communication is key, which it is, but Tobak and Glasgo say it's all in how you approach the disagreement.

Experts recommend meeting privately with your boss, diffusing the emotional content of the disagreement and explaining your perspective.

"He or she is just a regular person, just like you with their own perspective on things and they're just trying to get along themselves, they've got bosses too," says Tobak.

And like Peter Gibbons in "Office Space", if you cannot stand your boss, you can always get a new job. But you might not want to burn down the building beforehand.

You can read Steve Tobak's entire blog, "How to Deal With a Bad Boss: Don't" here.

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