Woman says scammers on Craigslist targeted her

LUDLOW, KY (FOX19) - Elizabeth Yellman says a scam ring on Craigslist sent her a check for $3,850 as part an attempt to lure her. She says the scam artist posted a job ad on Craigslist, and she responded. She says she normally looks for administrative clients on the Internet.

"He at that point said that I was hired, and that he was out of state, in another country, doing some presentations and that he would be back in 3 weeks," said Yellman.

Yellman says it all seemed legitimate until she got a package from UPS. Inside was the check. Yellman says the scammer wanted her to cash the check, keep $500 for herself and wire the rest to China.

"I said, China? This guy is absolutely crazy," said Yellman.

Yellman says she's contacted the FTC to file a complaint because she realized this was a fraud She also says she's checked with the bank and found that the account is legitimate, but is registered to someone other than the person she was doing business with online.

And Yellman wants to warn others about what she calls an elaborate fraud.

"He had a daughter who was turning 20, I would have to plan her surprise party with the party planner, I was waiting for the details on that-- it was all just basic administrative duties. The pay was $500 a week," said Yellman. "They are targeting Cincinnati right now. After I talked contacted your station, I replied on a another web site, it was the same type position. As soon as I talked to you station a half hour later, the guy responded to me, and it was the same guy."

The BBB also warns that scam artists are using the job market to commit frauds. The BBB says anyone responding to an online job ad should first cross check the business.

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