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Finding the best roses for your money

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Many expect roses for Valentine's Day, but let's face it. Roses cost a lot of money and don't last long. So where's the best place to go for roses that last?

FOX19 bought a dozen roses from five different stores: Wal-Mart, a small flower store,, a high end flower shop, and one you find at the grocery store.  We kept the bouquets in a special room and watched them for 8 days.

The first to fade was the bunch from Wal-Mart. A few days later, the roses from the small, family-owned shop followed. But the other three were standouts in different ways.

The bouquet from the high-end florist was a stunner, and many of the blooms did last the week. But you're paying for it. Not just the arrangement, but the amount of work that the florist put into making it.

For $15, the flowers from the grocery store were the best in the low-end range, but you are also paying for a lot of extra foliage.

The flowers that outlasted them all, and were really the prettiest in the end, were the flowers from They weren't much to look at when they arrived and you have to arrange them yourself.

Whatever flowers you buy, it's the thought that counts when you are giving roses to your loved ones.

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